Visas to Ukraine for immigration


Visas for entry into Ukraine are divided into the following types:

By the Law of Ukraine’s  “On Immigration”, two  groups of persons receive an immigration permit and are entitled to a permanent residence permit.

  • transit (type “B”, the permitted period of stay is up to 5 days);
  • short-term (type “C”, the permitted period of stay does not exceed 90 days within 180 days from the date of the first entry);
  • long-term (type “D”, issued for entry into Ukraine to process documents that give the right to stay or reside in Ukraine for over 90 days).

Visas for foreigners and stateless persons are issued depending on the planned period of their stay in Ukraine and are subject to the availability of relevant documents. If a decision is made to refuse to issue a visa to a foreigner and a stateless person, the grounds for such a refusal are communicated in writing.

A foreigner who has been denied a visa has the right to appeal such a decision by contacting the head of the diplomatic mission or consular office that considered the visa application, with an appeal letter in which to substantiate his opinion and submit a request for reconsideration of the visa application. The appeal letter is submitted within two months after the foreigner and the stateless person receive the decision to refuse to issue a visa.

Information on a visa to Ukraine:

  • Place of issue of visa to Ukraine
  • Date of issue, validity period of the visa to Ukraine
  • Type of visa (D/C), single or multiple entries
  • Passport data
  • Permitted period of stay in Ukraine
  • Purpose of travel according to visa type
  • Consulate that issued the visa, seal

To enter Ukrainian territory, citizens of some countries must first obtain a visa to Ukraine by all the rules. Terms, design features, cost, and other details depend on where the person will come to Ukraine. The registration procedure requires a certain amount of time to be spent, documents are collected. All this provokes a lot of trouble, which you can get rid of with the help of a qualified specialist.

Features of obtaining a visa to Ukraine
There are several main types of visas, each of which has its characteristics and differences. Among them are:

  • Transit, thanks to which a foreigner can stay on Ukrainian territory for five days.
  • Short-term, allowing you to stay in the country for three months. Most often it is needed when people come for tourism purposes.
  • Long-term, allowing staying in Ukraine for more than three months. This is the best solution if a person plans to get a job, or study.

To apply for a visa for foreigners, you need to prepare certain documents. Their number varies depending on the specific visa, but usually, photographs, filling out a special questionnaire, etc. are required. In addition, you need to pay a consular fee.

Why is it better to entrust the design to professionals?
If you do not want to face time costs and other unpleasant problems, there is an opportunity to solve the problem much easier. If you choose an experienced lawyer, the registration process becomes as simple as possible. Among the main reasons to turn to professionals are:
• Guarantee of fast preparation.
• Minimum likelihood of being denied.
• Save time.
If there is no desire to delve into all the details on your own, spend time on this, and collect documentation, you should enlist the support of a qualified specialist. Anyone who wants to do everything quickly, reliably, and at an honest cost can safely turn to the best lawyer in Odesa on all migration issues.

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