Customs lawyer in Odesa


The services of a customs lawyer and a lawyer in Odessa by protecting the rights and legitimate interests of clients in the customs area are carried out in various ways at all stages of interaction with customs authorities:

  • Advising citizens and legal entities on customs law, border crossing and customs regulations, cargo transportation, hand luggage, declaration and transportation of currency, jewelry, and cultural property. Consultation of a customs lawyer in Odessa.
  • Services of a customs lawyer at the stage of a problem situation and resolving the issue of initiating a case on violation of customs rules. Representation and defense at all stages of administrative proceedings in cases of violation of customs rules.
  • Appealing decisions, and actions (inaction) of officials of customs authorities in an administrative manner to a higher customs authority.
  • Appeal against decisions, actions (inaction) of officials of the customs authorities in court, and defense in the customs court. Services of a customs lawyer in Odesa.
  • Support of enforcement proceedings. Confiscation of goods, customs regime of the destruction of goods, detention of goods, and transfer to a customs warehouse. The assistance of a lawyer in customs disputes in Odesa.
  • Customs lawyer in Odesa – support of administrative and criminal cases related to customs offenses and crimes at the stages of preliminary investigation, inquiry, application of preventive measures, searches, detention, development of defense schemes or support of accusations by the victims, courts of all levels, rehabilitation, system enforcement of sentences, appeals against sentences and decisions.
  • Appeal against decisions of the customs authorities on the adjustment of the customs value of goods and changes in the classification codes of goods, the increase in the customs value of goods. Preparation of complaints and applications, petitions and lawsuits to the customs court. Customs lawyer in Odesa.
  • Customs clearance of personal belongings and a car when moving to permanent residence. The assistance of a customs lawyer in Odesa. Consultation. Assistance in paperwork.
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