Refugee status in Ukraine


In Ukraine, refugee status is granted by the norms of the Geneva Convention (1951) and the New York Protocol (1967). In addition, on December 24, 1993, Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Refugees”, which regulates the legal status of refugees, economic and organizational guarantees for the protection of the rights of persons who were forced to leave their state of citizenship (or their country of permanent residence).

The concept of “refugee” in Ukrainian legislation does not differ from that established by the Geneva Convention.

In the Law of Ukraine, the term “refugee” means a foreigner (foreign citizen or stateless person) who, as a result of a well-founded fear of becoming a victim of persecution on the grounds of race, nationality, attitude to religion, citizenship, belonging to a particular social group or political opinion, is forced to leave the territory of the state of which he is a citizen (or the territory of the country of his permanent residence), and cannot or does not want to use the protection of this state as a result of these fears and in respect of which, in the manner and under the conditions determined by this Law, a decision has been made to grant him refugee status.

Persons who intend to acquire refugee status after crossing the state border of Ukraine must, within three days, apply to the relevant body of the migration service with an application for granting them refugee status.

Persons who were forced to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine to acquire a status must, within 24 hours, apply to the relevant body of the migration service through its authorized person or an official of the Border Guards with an application for granting them refugee status and with a reasonable explanation for their illegal border crossing.

Refugee status is not granted to a person:

  • for which the competent authorities of the state where he resides recognize and ensure the rights and obligations associated with the citizenship of this state;
  • who is found to have committed a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity and humanity as defined in international law;
  • who has committed a serious crime of a non-political nature outside Ukraine before arriving on its territory;
  • who, before arriving in Ukraine, was in a state where he could, in the prescribed manner, receive shelter or obtain refugee status.

The documents

To obtain refugee status in Ukraine, you need to collect a certain package of documents and submit them to the relevant authority within the prescribed period. A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave his home country due to circumstances beyond his control. These circumstances and grounds for requesting refugee status are provided for by international standards, and our migration refugee lawyer in Odesa will tell you about them during the consultation. There are specific legal conditions for obtaining such a status, which can be found in the process of professional consultation.

Features of status registration

By international legal norms, certain recommendations serve to grant or deny refugee status. Among the main reasons for refusal can be noted the desire to improve the financial situation in another state, an insufficient number of grounds, the commission of serious crimes, etc. If nothing of the kind interferes, then if there is evidence, you can apply for refugee status, but it is better to contact a qualified lawyer. This approach guarantees the effective resolution of issues within the agreed time frame.
To acquire the appropriate status, a person must be of legal age. You also need to prepare a package of documents:

  • A statement containing the circumstances that led to the request for such status. All available evidence of the grounds must be attached to the application and the questionnaire on requesting refugee status.
  • Information about the presence of children under the age of 18.
  • Passport or other documents that confirm the identity of the person.

In addition, fingerprints are taken, and photographs are provided.

How to simplify the procedure?

Registration of the application takes place in the Migration Service, in the Office of Refugees. To increase the chances of getting a positive result, it makes sense to contact an experienced immigration lawyer. This format provides several advantages:

  • Professional advice will help you to understand everything and understand it in detail.
  • Constant support and legal support of a specialist.
  • Reasonable cost etc.

With this approach, the chances that the application will be satisfied increase many times over. A person with a high degree of probability will receive the necessary status in Ukraine and all the rights that it provides. Contact the best lawyer in Odesa on all migration issues.

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