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The reliability of the German economy, which is today the economic leader in Europe, makes it especially attractive for investors who wish not only to participate in business but also to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) or permanent residence (permanent residence).

Clearly defined criteria and legislative acts related to obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence in Germany, as well as an understandable and transparent economic system in Germany, create a solid basis for developing a business in Germany, acquiring a business in Germany, and business immigration. The economic, ethical, and historical traditions of Germany allow for long-term business planning, development of existing and creation of a new profitable business with high reliability and profit even for Europe.

From 08/01/2012, the conditions for obtaining a residence permit have been simplified. The requirement to invest in business at least 250 thousand euros and create (or maintain) 5 jobs have been removed from the legislation. The previous requirement was not always obligatory to fulfill before. Now, when investing in the German economy, it is enough for a citizen of another country to organize or acquire a business that will work steadily with the financial resources invested in it. The amount of these funds are no longer regulated.

Germany is one of the most economically powerful countries in Europe and the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to go there to work. Accordingly, labor immigration is becoming more common. For everything to be successful, there are no complications and problems, so it makes sense to enlist the support of qualified specialists with experience.

Features of immigration to Germany

Now relevant for many business emigrations to Germany. Several types of visas can be obtained there. It all depends on the specific situation. Foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit on German territory to conduct various types of economic activities. There are several main reasons for this, including:

  • A particular activity must have a positive impact on the economy.
  • There is a need from a certain region.
  • The transfer of the company will be financed from a personal wallet or under a special agreement with a banking institution on a loan basis.

First, you need to contact German officials so that they check the business for compliance with the interests of a particular region, and the current situation in the economy. Different regions of the country may have different priorities, on which a lot depends. Therefore, the positive outcome of immigration depends largely on how experienced a lawyer will deal with all processes.

How to arrange everything?
It is necessary to collect a package of documents, including a special application, a foreign and national passport, medical insurance, and information about a business project. Many nuances are known only to a qualified lawyer. To make everything go as smoothly as possible, you need to enlist the support of just such a specialist. This guarantees comprehensive support at the main stages, professional tips, an adequate price-quality ratio, and many other advantages. Contact the best lawyer in Odessa on all migration issues.

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