Renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship


Termination of Ukrainian citizenship by withdrawal

The condition for the termination of citizenship of Ukraine by withdrawing from it is the fact of permanent residence of a citizen outside the country, issued by the current legislation of Ukraine. (See service) Permission to leave for permanent residence from Ukraine. Registration of departure for permanent residence. Obtaining permission to emigrate from Ukraine.

If you decide to terminate your citizenship in Ukraine by withdrawing from it, you need to contact the Ukrainian consulate in your country of permanent residence.

Documents for registration of withdrawal from the citizenship of Ukraine:

  • application-petition for renunciation of citizenship of Ukraine (4 copies)
  • two photos 35×45 mm
  • a copy of the Ukrainian passport with a mark of departure for permanent residence abroad
  • copy of the birth certificate
  • a document confirming that you have acquired citizenship of another state
  • a document confirming that you will acquire citizenship of another state if you withdraw from the citizenship of Ukraine
  • receipt of payment of the consular fee

The term for consideration of an application for renunciation of citizenship of Ukraine should not exceed 1 year. Attention! The specified terms do not take into account the period required for the transfer of materials by diplomatic mail.

The date of termination of citizenship in Ukraine is the date of issuance of the relevant Decree of the President of Ukraine. After receiving a message about the termination of citizenship in Ukraine, the consulate informs the applicant about the decision of the President of Ukraine within a week, withdraws the travel documents of a citizen of Ukraine, and issues a certificate of termination of citizenship of Ukraine.

The term for the implementation of decisions of the President of Ukraine on issues of citizenship should not exceed 1 month. If the person whose citizenship has been terminated does not receive the relevant certificate and does not return the travel documents of a citizen of Ukraine to the institution within a certain period, the consulate takes measures to invalidate the passport document.

Termination of citizenship of Ukraine by loss

Loss of citizenship is initiated and applied unilaterally by the competent state authorities of Ukraine in the following cases:

  • voluntary acquisition by an adult citizen of Ukraine of the citizenship of another state
  • acquisition by a person of citizenship of Ukraine based on Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine” as a result of fraud, deliberate provision of false information, or forged documents
  • voluntary entry into the military service of another country, which, by the legislation of that state, is not a military duty or alternative (non-military) service.

The process of loss of Ukrainian citizenship, in contrast to withdrawal from it, can be initiated both by Ukrainian consulates outside the country and by departments of the state migration service and take place on the territory of Ukraine.

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