Consular registration of citizens of Ukraine abroad


Consular registration of citizens

Conducted by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine by the “Procedure for keeping records of citizens of Ukraine residing outside Ukraine”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated January 29, 2020, №85 “Some issues of registration of citizens of Ukraine residing outside Ukraine”.

There are three types of consular registration:

  • permanent – for citizens of Ukraine who have issued documents by the procedure established by law for traveling abroad for permanent residence or documents for leaving for permanent residence abroad;

  • temporary – for citizens of Ukraine who are temporarily abroad;

  • registration of adopted children – for children under 18 years old – citizens of Ukraine who were adopted by foreigners or citizens of Ukraine and permanently reside or temporarily reside abroad.

Documents on consular accounting issues are submitted personally during the reception of citizens at the consulate or by postal service. After the commissioning of the relevant software, the submission of such documents online in electronic form will become available. Consular registration is carried out taking into account the boundaries of the consular districts of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine. Simultaneous stay on the consular register in two or more institutions is not allowed. If you are already registered with a consular officer and have changed your place of residence abroad, please check which consular district your new address belongs to.

Sample stamp of permanent consular registration

The term for consideration of applications for consular accounting is no more than ten working days from the date of receipt of the necessary documents. Consideration of an application for consular registration of an adopted child, change of place of residence of an adopted child, and deregistration of an adopted child from consular registration is carried out on the day of application.

Upon consular registration, in addition to consular registration of children under the age of 16, adopted children, and holders of diplomatic or service passports of Ukraine, a consular fee is provided in the manner and amount established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If there is a technical possibility, at the request of the applicant, such an action can be performed urgently, while the consular fee will be charged in double size. Consular registration is carried out voluntarily, except for the registration of adopted children.

Sample seal of temporary consular registration
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