Ban on exit and entry


Types of restrictions-bans on leaving Ukraine

  • evasion of the fulfillment of obligations imposed on the debtor by a court decision or an authorized body (evasion from payment of debt obligations, payment of alimony). Grounds for lifting the ban: debt obligations in the framework of enforcement proceedings have been fulfilled, alimony arrears have been paid off, and the decision on the ban has been canceled during the appeal.
  • about the person, in the manner prescribed by the criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine, a measure of restraint (within the framework of a criminal case) was applied, providing for a ban on leaving Ukraine. Grounds for cancellation: termination of criminal proceedings, cancellation of the decision in court or on appeal.
  • a person has been convicted of a criminal offense. The basis is the serving of a sentence or release from serving a sentence.
  • stay under the administrative supervision of the National Police of Ukraine. Grounds for withdrawal: termination of administrative supervision, cancellation of administrative supervision.
  • work of a person with information that constitutes a state secret. Such persons are allowed to leave and the abolition of such restrictions is carried out by the Law of Ukraine “On State Secrets”.
  • if a person is held administratively liable under part 7 of article 184 of the ALMC, the right to travel with a child is temporarily restricted for a period of up to one year from the date of imposition of an administrative penalty, except when there is a notarized consent to the departure of a parent with a child from another parent (speech This refers to the recently established liability for violation of the one month of departure with the child without the notarized consent of the other parent in cases provided for by law).

If you had to face a ban on crossing the border, you need to contact a qualified lawyer to solve the problem. This approach becomes a guarantee of an effective solution, a professional approach, etc.

The main features of the ban and problem solving
A ban on entry and exit can be issued only if there are compelling grounds provided for by law. Among the main reasons for refusing to travel abroad is the existence of alimony debt, an ongoing criminal case, other debt obligations, etc.
For foreigners, there are several other reasons for refusal, including:

  • No visa, no passport.
  • Not confirmation of the purpose of staying in the country.
  • An entry ban decision made by the competent government authorities.

The decision to refuse is drawn up by the established rules in two copies, one of which is issued to a foreign citizen. He may appeal this decision by the rules established by law. You can go to court by filing a complaint. You can do it yourself or through a person authorized by him.

Ban on the entry of foreigners
To lift the ban, it is important to contact a qualified immigration lawyer. In this case, the specialist must carefully study the situation, study the reasons for the refusal and form the right strategy to solve the problem. There are several benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer, including:

  • A personal approach that allows you to make the right decisions in each case.
  • Experience in combination with a set of necessary knowledge in this field.
  • Willingness to help, etc.

A preliminary consultation will help you understand the main features, and make a competent decision in each situation. Professional support is something like a guarantee of achieving a positive result and the desired goal. Contact the best lawyer in Odesa on all migration issues.

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