Emigration from Ukraine

Lawyer services in Ukraine for emigration. Emigration to the EU, USA, Canada, and other countries. Selection of immigration programs. Preparation of all documents and consultations

Registration of departure for permanent residence. Obtaining permission to emigrate from Ukraine.

Jewish emigration to Germany. Preparation of documents for submission to the German Embassy. Advice on immigration to Germany.

Emigration to Germany. Labor emigration to Germany. Migration services in Odesa for emigration to Germany. Collection and execution of all documents. Migration lawyer in Odesa.

Departure abroad. Refugee status in Europe. Emigration to European countries through refugee status. Grounds for claiming refugee status. Grounds according to the Geneva Convention and UNHCR. Preparation of documents and consultations. Migration lawyer in Odesa.

Departure from Ukraine and a visa to the USA. Program (correction) of Lautenberg. Asylum in the USA on religious grounds. Preparation of documents and consultations. Migration lawyer for emigration to the USA in Odesa.

Form i-134 for the sponsor. Humanitarian password. Emigration to the USA for Ukrainians. Preparing case documents.

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