Residence permit in Ukraine based on marriage


When registering a marriage in Ukraine, in a situation where one of the future spouses is a foreigner, the norms of both family and migration legislation are applied. In this case, it is very important to correctly draw up and prepare all the necessary documents, check the documents on the legality of the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine, the duration of stay in Ukraine, and also organize the change of migration status (obtaining a visa for family reunification or a residence permit in Ukraine based on marriage) after marriage registration.

The assistance of a migration lawyer in Odesa when registering a marriage with a foreigner is necessary:

  • for the correct preparation and execution of all documents;
  • quick and accelerated procedure for registering a marriage with a foreigner;
  • quick and accelerated procedure for registering a marriage with a foreigner;
  • registration and obtaining a visa to Ukraine for family reunification;
  • registration and obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine based on marriage

Documents for registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine:

  1. Notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport of one of the spouses.
  2. A document (visa, border crossing stamp, visa, residence permit) confirming the legal stay of a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine.
  3. Passport of one of the spouses of a citizen of Ukraine (in the presence of an internal passport id, a certificate of registration of the citizen’s place of residence is required).
  4. Divorce certificate or other documents (if previously married).
  5. A document confirming the need for an accelerated procedure for registering marriage in Ukraine.
  6. Receipts for payment of state duty and administrative services.

The list of documents for registering a marriage with a foreign citizen in Ukraine may vary depending on the previous facts of civil status and the migration status of a foreigner.

All documents establishing legal facts issued by the competent authorities of foreign states must be legalized in the prescribed manner, by consular legalization, or by affixing an apostille stamp.

Features of marriage with a citizen of another country

Many people think that it is too difficult to marry a foreigner in Ukraine due to various bureaucratic delays, you need to spend a lot of time collecting various documents. In reality, the situation will be somewhat different if you contact a competent international lawyer.

If a person who is a citizen of another state is in Ukraine legally, in family relations he will have the same rights as Ukrainians. Our country recognizes exclusively traditional marriages, which are registered by all the rules in the relevant body. If you follow all legal procedures and basic conditions, registration will be quick and without any difficulties.
To register, you must meet several basic conditions, including:

  • Spouses must be of legal age.
  • There must be no previously registered marriages.
  • The absence of obstacles, for example, in the form of family ties, etc.

It is necessary to prepare several documents, including a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, and a passport of a foreign citizen, as well as its translation certified by a notary office. The registration procedure is standard, it involves the submission of a special application, the choice of a convenient date, etc.

How to simplify the procedure?

To avoid any unnecessary questions or difficulties, you can contact a qualified lawyer for registration. This approach automatically saves a lot of time, nerves, and effort, because the lawyer takes over the main functions, and clients are freed from unnecessary trouble.
With the help of qualified support at the main stages, it is possible to eliminate the likelihood of problems, including with the migration authorities. The result is a full registration, after which two people enter into a marriage union. New opportunities open up before a foreign citizen. He can get a residence permit in Ukraine, and eventually citizenship. Contact the best lawyer in Odesa on all migration issues.

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