Immigration to Ukraine - entry, and legalization of foreigners

Permission to immigrate to Ukraine. Permanent residence permit in Ukraine. Temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Visas to Ukraine. Family reunion. Legalization of a foreigner in Ukraine. Citizenship of Ukraine. Preparation of all documents and consultations

Permanent residence in Ukraine. Legalization of a foreigner in Ukraine. Permission to immigrate to Ukraine. Migration services in Odessa. Immigration Lawyer.

Grounds for the adoption of citizenship of Ukraine. Restoration of citizenship of Ukraine. Registration of all documents and migration services. Citizenship lawyer in Odesa.

Grounds for the status of a foreign Ukrainian. Permission to immigrate to Ukraine based on the status of a foreign Ukrainian. Certificate of a foreign Ukrainian. Registration of documents. Migration lawyer in Ukraine.

Political asylum in Ukraine. Refugee lawyer. Grounds for refugee status in Ukraine. The procedure for obtaining asylum in Ukraine.

Education of foreigners in Ukraine. Medical, technical, and liberal arts universities and colleges. Preparatory courses and courses in foreign languages. Visa and legal support. Conclusion of a contract for education in Ukraine.

Visa D for alien entry and family reunification. Registration of marriage in Ukraine. Documents for marriage with a foreigner and family reunification. Migration lawyer in Odesa.


Remigration - the return of an emigrant

Return to the country of original residence and nationality. Return of a citizen of Ukraine to his homeland. Return migration. Registration of the remigration procedure.

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