Jewish immigration to Germany


Grounds for receiving the service

The procedure for the admission of Jewish immigrants to the Federal Republic of Germany was regulated in a new way based on the decision of the Ministers of the Interior of the federal states on November 18, 2005. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, by regulation of 24.05.2007, established the following prerequisites and admission grounds for the application procedure:

  1. Citizenship of the successor state of the former Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic states.
  2. Proof of Jewish origin based on civil registration certificates issued before 1990.
  3. Confirmation of knowledge of the German language by presenting a certificate from the Goethe-Institut at a level not lower than Stufe A1 (simple basic knowledge). This requirement does not apply to applicants who were born before 01/01/1945, as well as children who are not yet 14 years old.
  4. Confirmation of school education and professional development, which give reason to hope for an independent life in Germany.
  5. Confession is nothing other than the Jewish faith.
  6. Certificate of readiness for admission to the Jewish community in Germany, issued by the Central Jewish Welfare Institute or the Union of Progressive Jews in Germany.

Spouses and minor, unmarried children who themselves are not of Jewish origin or who cannot prove it as required may be included in the main applicant’s application. The duration of the marriage must be at least three years.

Further information about the admission procedure and our services can be obtained from our specialists (by phone above or by filling out the contact form below) or from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

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